The First Commercial Space Station Segment Is Nearing Completion

First Commercial Space Station

Axiom Space is not far away from the launch of its first module that will attach to the International Space Station. Named Hab One, the module is nearing physical completion and will begin a long phase of testing before it’s approved to support humans. If it stays on schedule, this would mark the start of the first commercial space station. The plan involves sending one module at a time over the course of around 5 years until the station is large and most importantly can support itself. At that point, the ISS should also be nearing retirement, so the commercial station will detach and become its own entity. However, in order to consistently launch these modules in the future, Axiom has begun working on them now. Recently we have seen somewhat of a ramp-up in progress as the company pushes toward the completion of the first module. Here I will go more in-depth into the current station progress, the future station roadmap, unique design features, and more.

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