SpaceX revealed Dragon Engine leaked! NO effected to Astronauts and Crew 7

SpaceX Dragon thruster problem!

Over the past decade, SpaceX has broken barriers and redefined what was once considered impossible. There is no longer any doubt that the pinnacle achievement of SpaceX lies in its iconic Dragon capsule – a marvel of engineering, innovation, and absolute finesse.
This commercial spacecraft has achieved what many deemed unreachable, becoming the first spacecraft to dock at the International Space Station, specializing in the transportation of crucial cargo to and from Earth, and most importantly, paving the way for human space travel to new horizons.
However, even as we bask in the glory of their triumphs, we must also acknowledge the challenges that come with reaching for the stars.
Recently, there was an issue with the propulsion system of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft at the International Space Station. This has raised concerns for the upcoming Crew-7 crewed mission.
So, what exactly happened?
How has SpaceX responded to this problem?
Stay tuned as we dive into these questions and more in this episode of Alpha Tech!
Until the present time, Dragon remains the sole spacecraft utilized for all cargo and crew operations to the ISS. This is not only an advantage for SpaceX but also puts a tremendous responsibility on their shoulders, demanding absolute safety for the capsule’s functions during space missions, particularly those involving human presence.
However, a significant issue has arisen with this crucial vehicle of the United States.
An announcement was made during a NASA press conference on July 25th.
Benji Reed, Senior Director of Human Spaceflight Programs at SpaceX, revealed that a SpaceX cargo spacecraft experienced a glitch during its 23-day mission in space, where a valve got stuck due to corrosion.
During the press conference, Reed mentioned that this was the isolation valve. Although seemingly minor, it is a crucial component for the normal operation of the Dragon.
The isolation valve in the Dragon spacecraft is a critical component that serves an essential purpose during space missions.

SpaceX revealed Dragon engine leaked! NO effected to astronauts and Crew 7…
Credit to : ALPHA TECH

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