This Powerful Volcanic Explosion Was Visible Even From Space

Volcanic Explosion

Volcanoes are one of Earth’s most destructive forces of nature; spewing out massive amounts of lava, rock, and superheated ash. There are many historic volcanic eruptions, from Mount Vesuvius to Krakatoa. Now another big volcano has found its way onto the pages of history. On January 14, 2022, a huge underwater volcano in the South Pacific Ocean awoke from a seven-year slumber…and on the next day it would erupt with NASA satellites capturing amazing images of the big and powerful eruption. Scientists say everything about this volcanic eruption is ‘off-the-scale weird’. Including the incredible shockwave it sent around the world. What series of geological events led to the powerful and massive eruption, and is this a sign that more volcanoes will erupt soon?

Credit Destiny

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