NASA’s Mars Helicopter has Flown for Over 100 Minutes

NASA’s Mars Helicopter

After around 2 and a half years on the surface of Mars, the Ingenuity helicopter has just reached a new milestone. Days ago it completed its 57th flight contributing to a total lifetime flight time of over 100 minutes. This came after a few scares in the prior months when Ingenuity was not responding and forced into a low-power mode. At this point, Ingenuity has surpassed its expected mission lifetime not by months but by years. This is a very big deal considering this mission isn’t a one-off, but supports NASA’s upcoming plans to send an additional two helicopters to the Martian surface. The recent milestone only supports NASA’s plan and the design of these more powerful rotorcraft. The continued operation of Ingenuity has also helped keep the Perseverance rover on track which is still in close proximity. All this being said, the helicopter has a challenging journey ahead with more flights scheduled and complex terrain in the area. Here I will go more in-depth into Ingenuity’s recent milestone, its current condition, NASA’s new Mars helicopters, and more.

Credit AI GRID

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