Joe Rogan Reveals They’ve Opened A Portal & Created Space Time Technology!

They’ve Opened A Portal

Joe Rogan Reveals They’ve Opened A Portal & Have Created Space Time Modification Technology!
Venturing into the vast expanse of space has captivated the human imagination for centuries. Meanwhile, to embark on interstellar voyages, we need technological marvels that surpass imagination. Consider the closest star to Earth, our fiery neighbor, the Sun. It resides a staggering 93 million miles equivalent to 149 million kilometers away. But the Sun is just the tip of the celestial iceberg. Proxima Centauri, the second closest star, is nestled in the Alpha Centauri system. This captivating stellar gem sits a mind-boggling 4.24 light-years from our blue planet. In simple terms, a journey to Proxima Centauri would take over four years, assuming we could travel at the speed of light. The enormity of such an endeavor is awe-inspiring, sparking endless questions.
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