Axiom Space Was Just Awarded A New Spacesuit Contract

Space Exploration

Spacesuits are incredibly complex and important pieces of equipment that act as small spacecraft for the astronaut. For decades, NASA has been using its own suits for both the Apollo missions and much more recently spacewalks at the International Space Station. Over time, however, these suits have aged significantly and are in need of an upgrade. That’s why the agency selected Axiom Space late last year to develop and create a new and modern spacesuit for the upcoming Artemis Moon missions. In addition to this, just yesterday they announced that Axiom had been awarded another spacesuit contract this time for the ISS. Specifically, the company is now expected to use its Artemis III lunar suit as a baseline architecture to support future spacewalks in LEO. With this new contract comes a large sum of additional funding and more work for Axiom Space who already has a full plate. Here I will go more in-depth into this new contract, what it means for NASA’s space plans, what to expect in the coming months, and more.

Credit Great Spacex

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