US finally has its Futuristic V-247 Combat Drone – Unmanned & Unmatched, AntiSubmarine Aircraft

Futuristic V-247 Combat Drone

US Finally Has Its Futuristic V-247 Combat Drone – Unmanned & Unmatched, Anti-Submarine Aircraft Bell created the V-247 to meet emerging U.S. military needs for a runway-independent Group 4 or 5 UAV to provide persistent support to ground forces while requiring less space to store and transport; Group 4 UAVs weigh more than 1,320 lb (600 kg) and fly below 18,000 ft (5,500 m), while Group 5 UAVs weigh the same but fly above 18,000 ft, such as the MQ-9 Reaper, RQ-4 Global Hawk, and MQ-4C Triton. It is named the V-247 by the company because it is planned that a two-aircraft team can provide 24/7 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) over a given area. The design uses tiltrotors to take off vertically and transition to high-speed forward flight, enabling performance unachievable with just rotorcraft or fixed-wing aircraft.

Credit U.S. Military Times

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